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Make Etsy Great Again?

What happened to that forth purpose driven economy we were promised?

Banner photo by Scott Beal

In response to the Bloomberg article, The Barbarians Are at Etsy’s Hand-Hewn, Responsibly Sourced Gates … No, these people aren’t barbarians, but they are trying to push a capitalist model onto a company that was built to buck against it. (And the gates were hand forged, but perhaps should have had a big old vintage lock on them.)


I don’t see anything in this new plan that speaks to more than the tried-and-true (but is it?) ‘restructure and reduce budgets’. If you think this is going to “work”, you’re more insane than I am for thinking a people-and-values-over-profit model WILL work, if you really lead with it. Maybe your method produces results for a few quarters… But I think we’re forgetting to ask the question, “But what FOR?” If you’re in this for a big fat payoff, you’re just never going to get it.

Oh, I believe it could exist, but not when you come at it with these solutions. Where is that fourth economy we were promised?!

The root of the problem here is completely missed, IMO. Etsy was built to change the world’s economy, not to join in on these unsustainable models. This is a quarterly-revenue chasing mindset and game that Etsy will never be able to win, no matter who you put in charge. It’s not in the DNA of the company.

Is past leadership completely faultless, no. But if no one at the helm believes this beast can do more than just make more money each quarter, you’re really screwed.

Also, who would hand sew gates, that’s just stupid. They are hand forged, but perhaps should have had a big old lock on them.

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